The Greenet approach to achieve the project objectives is divided into the following Work Packages (WP):

WP1: Project management

This WP is concerned with the management and the monitoring of the overallperformance of the project. It will also ensure adequate collaboration between the teams working on different WPs within the project.

WP2: Novel energy efficient and low complexity PHY-layer techniques

WP2 foresees the design ofa novel transmission technology at the PHY-layer to reduce the complexity and power requirements ofmultiple-antennas wireless systems.

WP3: Energy efficient design of MAC and RRM protocols

This WP includes aspects related to thedesign of energy efficient MAC protocols and advanced energy-aware RRM procedures.

WP4: Beyond routing via energy efficient network coded wireless architectures

WP4 will investigate the newparadigm of Network Coding to reduce the energy requirements of wireless networks byadopting an end-to-end design of codes over networks.

WP5: Exploiting short range cooperative networking for the design of energy efficient wireless networks

Where secure network cooperation will be, at the same time, the breakthrough paradigm to exploitand improve to allow vast energy savings.

WP6: Exploiting cognition to reduce the energy consumption in wireless networks

Will develop novel algorithms and protocols to enable an energy efficient, effective, reliable, and optimized allocation of the resources in a CR context.

WP7: Training

The main objective of this WP is to prepare and organize the training tools and events of the Network.

WP8: Dissemination

The main objective of this WP is to provide a coherent framework for disseminating the outcomes and achievements of the project in the most effective way.