Greenet is an Initial Training Network (ITN) Marie Curie project that is focused on the analysis, design, and optimization of energy efficient wireless communication systems and networks.



15-July 2014
GREENET's last Plenary Meeting has taken place in Castelldefels (Barcelona), hosted by CTTC. ESRs have presented their major achievements during the project.

April 2014
Saud Althunibat and Raúl Palacios presented a poster on the GREENET work in the ICTDays-Orizzonti 2016 in the University of Trento, Italy, 2-April-2014.
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January 2014
Saud Althunibat (UNITN), Konstantinos Ntonin (CTTC) and Athanasios Stavridis (UEDIN) were selected as  Exemplary Reviewers in IEEE Communication Letters Reviewer Appreciation Program 2013.

7-9 January 2014
GREENET- 8th Plenary Meeting&6th Seminar will took place in Munich.

9-13 December 2013
GREENET participated in the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), Atlanta, USA.

7-8 October 2013
GREENET participated, with a poster presentation, to the ETSI  Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment and Energy Efficiency from 7th to 8th of October 2013 in Athens. Link:

2-4 July 2013
GREENET- 5th Seminar took place in Paris.

1-2 July 2013
GREENET- 5th Plenary Meeting took place in Paris.

9-13 June 2013
GREENET participated in IEEE ICC 2013 in Budapest, Hungary

June 2013
Marco Di Renzo and Harald Haas presented a tutorial on Spatial Modulation for MIMO systems at: - VTC Spring 2013, 2-June-2013, Dresden, Germany - IEEE ICC 2013, 9-June-2013, Budapest, Hungary.

2-5 June 2013
GREENET participated in the IEEE VTC 2013 Spring, Dresden, Germany

30-May 2013
Raúl Palacios from UNITN mentioned the GREENET project in an interview to discuss about Trento and its University, published in the "esglobal" website, in the article "El ‘Silicon Valley’ italiano".
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May 2013
Marco Di Renzo was invited to present the research activities on Spatial Modulation in Orange Labs (Rennes, France)

Fabrizio Granelli will speak about GREENET in his seminars on "Design of green networks: towards the Green Internet", which will be held in Campinas and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

April 2013
Marco Di Renzo and Harald Haas from GREENET, will present a tutorial titled “Spatial Modulation for MIMO Wireless Systems” to flagship international conferences on communications: IEEE WCNC-2013 on April 7th, 2013  and IEEE EW-2013 on April 15th, 2013, respectively.
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6-7 March 2013
GREENET- 4th Plenary Meeting took place in Aveiro, hosted by IT.

14-15 February 2013
GREENET participated in the ICT-ACROPOLIS Winter School in Barcelona
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GREENET signs a Liaison Agreement with ICT-ACROPOLIS until September 2013

9-January 2013
Athanasios Stavridis delivered a weekly seminar at CTTC. Title: Spatial Modulation: A single RF-chain MIMO scheme

5-December 2012
Christos Verikoukis presented the SIG on Design and performance optimisation of Green Networking in the IEEE Technical SubCommittee on Green Communications & Computing meeting during the IEEE Globecom 2012 in Anaheim.

3-7 December 2012
Greenet participated in the IEEE GLOBECOM 2012, California USA

November 2012
F. Granelli presented GREENET and the topic of green wireless networking in the framework of the IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Tour in Latin America, in Guayaquil and Cuenca (Ecuador), Lima (Peru'), November 2012.

26-28 November 2012
GREENET ESR Agapi Mesodiakaki (UPC/CTTC) won the the Best Presentation Award (1st place) in the 6th meeting of COST Action IC0905 TERRA in Brussels with her presentation, titled “A Novel Energy Efficient Contention-Aware Channel Selection Algorithm for CR Networks.
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27-November 2012
GREENET presented in the 6th meeting of COST Action IC0905 TERRA in Brussels. UPC and CTTC gave a presentation, titled “A Novel Energy Efficient Contention-Aware Channel Selection Algorithm for CR Networks

16-November 2012
GREENET participated in the IEEE SCVT 2012, Eindhoven-The Netherlands

31-1 October/November 2012
Greenet- 4th Seminar  took place in Athens.

30-October 2012
Greenet's Mid-Term Review was held in Athens, hosted by NCSR Demokritos.

19-October 2012
Fabrizio Granelli presented GREENET in the framework of a seminar on green internet organized by IEEE Malta Section

September 2012
UEDIN Spatial Modulation video.
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28-September 2012
GREENET and its current results were presented at the Future Internet booth during the Researchers' Night in Trento

20-September 2012
GREENET presentation in the Small Cell Forum Plenary meeting in Warsaw.CTTC and IT gave a presentation with title "Energy-efficient Business Models and Mobility Management for the LTE-Advanced Femtocell Network"  

19-September 2012
The 1st GREENET Industrial Dissemination Day will take place in Barcelona, Spain, co-located with the IEEE CAMAD 2012.

19-21 September 2012
Greenet- 3rd Seminar took place in Barcelona.

5-August 2012
GREENET ESRs Xavier Pons (CASSIDIAN), Víctor Sucasas (IT) and Raúl Palacios (UNITN) had an interview to discuss about the GREENET project in the article of “Un Silicon Valley en los Alpes italianos”, which was managed by Eusebio Val and published in the well-known Barcelona-based daily “La Vanguardia”.
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10-11 July 2012
GREENET ESRs Raúl Palacios (UNITN) and GREENET ESR Xavier Pons (CASSIDIAN) participated in the Marie Curie Actions Conference 2012 taking place in Dublin.
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4-6 July 2012
CTTC and WEST participated in the workshop on green communications and networking within the FUNEMS conference.
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3-6 July 2012
Greenet- 2nd Seminar took place in Edinburgh, hosted by UEDIN.

2-3 July 2012
Greenet- 3rd Plenary Meeting took place in Edinburgh, hosted by UEDIN.

2-July 2012
The Green Radio project presented by Simon Fletcher GR Industrial Chair, during the GreeNet plenay meeting in Edinburgh.  

13-June 2012
Greenet participated in the IEEE Technical SubCommittee on Green Communications & Computing in Ottawa, Canada. 

5-6 June 2012
Fabrizio Granelli gave a talk on GREENET activities in Halifax and St. John's (Canada), as part of his IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer Tour in Regions 3&7.  

10-11 May 2012
Frank H. P. Fitzek, gave a talk on "Social Mobile Clouds" in the PV2012 International Video Packet Workshop in München, Germany.
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4-May 2012
Invited lecture for Kingston university on " Advanced Mobile Communications" by Jonathan Rodriguez, IT

2-May 2012
F.H.P. Fitzek gave a talk on "Social Mobile Clouds" in Vodafone Innovation Price Kolloqium, in Dresden, Germany.

GREENET ESR in Trento, Raul Palacios, had an interview to discuss about the GREENET project in the article of “Una silicon valley tra I monti del Trentino” from the Terra magazine, which is published in the north-region of Italy

24-25 April 2012
Invited talk in Surrey by A.Antonopoulos and C.Verikoukis (CTTC) on Flexible Networks Workshop supported by the UK EPSRC Communication Network. The talk was focused on energy efficient game theoretic MAC policies for wireless data dissemination.

20-April 2012
F.H.P. Fitzek gave a talk on "Social Mobile Clouds" in Intel, München, Germany

18-20 April 2012
Fabrizio Granelli (UNITN) presented the GREENET project and green wireless communications at the ICTDays event in Trento, Italy. All partners from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology ICTLabs participated in the event the first day, including governors of the italian regions involved in EIT Italy consortium.

18-20 April 2012
Fabrizio Granelli, Raul Palacios, and Saud Althunibat presented a poster of green wireless networking (including GREENET) at the ICT Days event ( The event represents interaction with other research activities, since the event was part of EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology) ICT Labs events.

27-March 2012
Frank H. P. Fitzek, Greenet partner presented in the Brains Business ICT North Denmark on Sharing content smarter and faster - Proximity Sharing.
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23-March 2012
Fabrizio Granelli was interviewed on the local TV channel RTTR on issues related to energy consumption of communication networks

22-March 2012
Fabrizio Granelli discussed the issues related to green communications in the framework of the seminar "Caffè scientifico: Internet e l'ambiente - Amici o nemici?" open to the Trento citizenship. (Italy)

16 February 2012
Dr.Vasilis Frederikos, on behalf of Green Radio project, presented a seminar on Delay Tolerant Networking for Cellular Network in Barcelona

14-February 2012
Christos Verikoukis, participated in the Trend Workshop in Gent and gave an overview of the Greenet Project.
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21-22 November 2011
2nd Greenet Planery Meeting took place in Elancourt (France) hosted by the EADS.

09 - November 2011
Invited talk to the UPorto's ECE Back To Basics Colloquium (6th Ed.) Wednesday November 9 by Frank Fitzek on "Performance Evolution and Implementation Rules for Network Coding".
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17 October 2011
Fabrizio Granelli gave a presentation on "Communications and the Smart Grid" within the "Communications for Power Engineers" tutorial at IEEE SmartGridComm'11 in Brussels, Belgium. The presentation was focused on communications standards for smart grid, including cognitive radios and power consumption"

06- October 2011
CTTC participated in the 2nd Workshop of COST Action IC0902, in Castelldefels/Barcelona, Spain, represented by CTTC.

26 -27 September 2011
GREENET participated in the 3rd Plenary meeting of TREND, in Madrid represented by IT.

20 -22 June 2011
An invited talk on the 3rd meeting of the COST Action IC0905 TERRA, in Brussels, Belgium presented by CTT.

15 July 2011
First Greenet seminar took place in Castelldefels(Barcelona) hosted by the CTTC.

7 - 8 July 2011
First Greenet plenary meeting took place in Castelldefels (Barcelona) hosted by the UPC.